How to Defeat ‘Deal of the Century’ Through Informed Solidarity: Start Here

Wisal Al-Shiekh-Khalil moments before she was shot dead by Israeli snipers (Photo via social media).

How to Defeat ‘Deal of the Century’ Through Informed Solidarity

Start Here: Support the Palestine Chronicle and Help Us Build a Movement of Truth

Dear Reader:

Trump’s son-in-law and a team of secretive pro-Israel ideologues are touring the Middle East to channel support for the ‘Deal of the Century’ that spells doom for the Palestinian people and their ongoing struggle for freedom.

But will we allow them to carry on with this charade, unexposed, unhindered?

Never. In fact, this is what the Palestine Chronicle is for, as we have safeguarded the Palestinian discourse in the media for many years.

The Palestine Chronicle is not an ordinary media platform that can be swapped with any other. We are unique in the sense that we insist on the centrality of the Palestinian voice in the Palestinian narrative.

This is our motivation and leading principle. We challenge misinformation and misconceptions on Palestine; we fill massive gaps left open in biased media coverage on Palestine; and we expose conspiracies, like the ‘Deal of the Century’ aimed at the thwarting of Palestinian rights.

We do it in the name of Razan al-Najjar, Ahed Tamimi and millions more facing untold oppression in Gaza and throughout Palestine.

The Palestine Chronicle is a bridge between the Palestinian story (in its various manifestations) and the rest of the world. We build informed, genuine solidarity without pandering and without apologizing.

Our audience consists of people everywhere in the world who are seeking a media alternative to give them a more balanced view of the situation in Palestine. And we have done our job, day in and day out for many years.

In the last couple of years however, we expanded our team and we launched our French sister website. Since then, our growth and outreach are constant. We moved from merely filling a gap to setting an agenda and pushing new discourses on Palestine.

We are eager to carry on with this mission but can only do so with your help.

This is our mid-year funding campaign. We only seek 12,000 US dollars – enough to sustain our small but effective operation.

Please help us continue with this vital mission.

If we cease to exist, the alternatives are too few. If we carry on, a global civil society movement – based on of truth, understanding and solidarity will continue to grow. And the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ will perish, like all other political designs aimed at denying Palestinians their freedom.

Thank you for your support,

Ramzy Baroud – Palestine Chronicle Editor-in-Chief and the Palestine Chronicle Team

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