‘Most Significant Operations’ – Quds Brigades Reveal Israeli Losses in Jabaliya

Al-Quds Brigades published a video recounting their achievements in the Jabaliya battles. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Al-Quds Brigades published a video using their Telegram channel, recounting their achievements in the Jabaliya battles.

Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, has always been a major faction in the Palestinian Resistance, especially in Gaza. 

Since the start of this war, however, the Brigades appeared in its strongest military form, arguably since the inception of its first military cell in 1981. 

Even in areas in which Al-Qassam Brigades may have been weakened as a result of the relentless Israeli bombardment, Al-Quds Brigades would step in, fill the gap, and help reorganize the Resistance. 

In fact, at times, Palestinian Resistance groups seemed to operate as a single army, compared to their military coordination in previous wars, through the Joint Room of Operations. 

Though much of the focus has been placed on the power of Al-Qassam in repelling the latest Israeli attack on Jabaliya, which began on May 11 and only ended last Friday, Al-Quds Brigades played a major role in, at least in the estimation of the Resistance itself, defeating the Israeli army. 

Today, Al-Quds Brigades published a video using their Telegram channel, recounting their achievements in the Jabaliya battles.


Below is a summary of  “the most significant operations” executed by Al-Quds Brigades during the “Zionist enemy’s incursion into Jabaliya Camp,” published here in its original form: 

“Anti-tank and anti-personnel shells: Executing 21 targeting operations with tandem shells, RBGs, and TPGs against the enemy’s vehicle and soldier positions in Jabaliya Camp.

“Sniping enemy soldiers: Executing 6 sniping operations against enemy soldiers positioned in buildings and gatherings in Jabaliya Camp.

“Clashing from point-blank range: Executing 13 clashing operations with enemy soldiers from point-blank range in the alleys of Jabaliya Camp.

“Rocket barrages: Launching 9 rocket barrages that Saraya Al-Quds bombarded cities and settlements of the Gaza envelope with from the axes of advance in northern Gaza.

“Mortar shells: Executing 35 targeting operations with mortar shells of different calibers on positions of enemy vehicles and soldiers in the axes of advance in Jabaliya Camp.

“Engineering weapons: Executing 10 targeting operations with anti-armor and anti-personnel explosive devices, including the Thaqib 40 guerilla action devices and Ababil projectile explosives, targeting the enemy’s vehicles and soldiers on the axes of advancement.

“Downing quadcopter drones: Downing a Mavic Pro quadcopter armed with bombs, seizing control of it along with the information it contained, on the axis of advance in Jabaliya Camp.”

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