Humanity Without Borders – A Poem

Migrants from Central America heading in a caravan to the US. (Photo: via MEMO)

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley

In the face of adversity, they arrive,

Immigrants seeking a chance to survive.

They journey through hardships, far and wide,

Leaving their homes with hope as their guide.


They come with dreams, both big and small,

Seeking refuge from oppression’s thrall.

They carry stories of courage and strife,

Yearning for a better, safer life.


With weary eyes and hearts full of despair,

They seek solace, compassion, and care.

In their pursuit of freedom, they endure,

Leaving behind what they once called “pure.”


Their cultures, vibrant and diverse,

Enrich the lands they traverse.

They bring with them their traditions and art,

A tapestry of colors, stitching hearts.


They build communities, strong and united,

Contributing skills, talent ignited.

Their resilience and strength, a beacon of light,

Inspiring hope, dispelling the night.


Let us embrace them with open arms,

Offering love, dispelling the harms.

For in their stories, we find our shared plight,

A bond that transcends borders, shining bright.


Together, we stand, united and strong,

Supporting immigrants, where they belong.

For compassion knows no boundaries or walls,

It embraces humanity and freedom’s calls.


Let empathy guide us, let kindness prevail,

As we uplift those who often feel frail.

In the tapestry of humanity, we’re all intertwined,

A testament to the beauty of humankind.


So let us stand tall, with hearts unyielding,

In solidarity, our voices appealing,

To welcome immigrants, seekers of peace,

A unity that brings our world’s release.

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