Julian Assange – A Poem

(After reading “The Trial of Julian Assange” by Nils Melzer and after W.B. Yeats) I Say that Julian Assange Has paid a heavy toll. He lies in Belmarsh Prison; His liberty they stole.   Incensed […]

Shireen Jenin Sumud – A Poem

Shireen! Shireen! Struck down on Street Jenin Bloodhounds Snarl and bite Her home they storm Her corpse still warm They salivate Gobs of hate Dogs of war Raid hospital ward Bereft respect Dispensing pain Like […]

Parable – A Poem

Malsi, who had never been out of Gaza was picking olives close to the high border wall. She said to her grandmother that she wished the trees were much much taller. But why her grandmother […]

Just another War (Poem)

Evasion /invasion /evasion /invasion / invasion evasion killing fields /killing fields / fields that kill humans? / humans kill all victims and survivors of war/ all victims and survivors of war MUST matter rape is […]

A Visit Home – A Poem

This poem was written shortly after a conversation with our Palestinian friend Rafiq who, together with his entire village, was expelled by the Israelis in 1948 and forced into exile. He spoke without rancor, just […]

Two Poems in Protest for Palestine

The protest for Palestine in Manhattan this past month was one of a kind. Erected in wake of ongoing displacements, settlement expansions, and militarized upsurges in East Jerusalem, Palestinian voices have risen to the surface. […]

My Sunbird – A Poem

Hold the hope, my sunbird, Hold that hope. In times of thunder, Choking blazes and smoke, Don’t lose hope.   It’s this hope she wants to burn. The vision of home. The passion for the […]

A Prayer in the Time of Pandemic

Affirming spirituality as the power over life and death I aspire to achieve this spirituality that is nothing other than the blending of love and mystery cherishing wonder at a precarious precipice, respecting knowledge prayer […]