In Latest Statement, Abu Obeida Reveals Shocking Israeli Losses on Battlefield

Abu Obeida announced that the Palestinian Resistance destroyed 136 Israeli military vehicles. (Photo: Qassam military media, video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Abu Obeida announced that the Palestinian Resistance has fully or partially destroyed 136 Israeli military vehicles in the last 10 days.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, Abu Obeida, the military spokesman of Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas, announced that the Palestinian Resistance has fully or partially destroyed 136 Israeli military vehicles in the last 10 days.

Abu Obeida also said that the “Zionist enemy is killing everything in its way, including humans and animals.”

He also said that the Resistance is ready to exchange the captives held in Gaza with Palestinian prisoners, especially women, children, and elderly prisoners detained in Israeli prisons. 

Below are some of the points Abu Obeida raised in his brief statement, which was immediately followed by a video documenting the Resistance attacks on invading Israeli forces and vehicles.

With Allah’s help, in the coming minutes, we will display a part of the greatness of our fighters and their combat against the enemy, their combat with its vehicles and soldiers fortified in buildings, and their hunting of tanks and their destruction. This is but a small fraction of what our fighters have done and continue to do in the field with the strength and company of Allah.

The file of the prisoners is still present with us in the details of this battle. We renew our confirmation that the only clear path for this cause is a deal to exchange prisoners completely or in parts. We have female prisoners in our prisons and the occupation holds our women captives. We have civilian, sick, and elderly prisons in the enemy’s prisons. We hold prisoners of the same categories with us. We have fighters and resistance members in the occupation’s prisons, and the enemy has our fighting soldiers as prisoners.

There is absolutely no solution to the prisoners’ file except through this path and exchange, whether categorically or as a comprehensive operation. Moreover, we still affirm that the enemy, which continues the aggression and refuses to facilitate the conditions for their release, is the one obstructing and sabotaging all efforts to deliver the detainees of foreign nationalities, and even exposing their lives and the lives of their captives to imminent danger every hour and every day.

The enemy thwarted a few days ago the release of 12 of those with foreign nationalities. The large number of dead among the prisoners and detainees, those still under the rubble, and those undergoing treatment standing between life and death, are nothing but evidence of this enemy’s arrogance and confusion.

The duty of the time is to support our people by all means and not to submit to the Nazi occupation that is empowered by the American-zionist administration.

What this cowardly enemy fears most is the renaissance of our people and the nations of our ummah and its resistance forces, foremost of course our Palestinian people in the West Bank, Al-Quds, and the lands of occupied Palestine in 1948. The world watches how the occupation exploits this war to affirm its fascist, racist mentality and its desire to displace our people in the West Bank, to continue killing them and assaulting them, and to try to liquidate the entire Palestinian issue.

Mobilize, O fighters of our people, and O our masses in all the land of Palestine, with the to crush this zionist plan, as you have always been the graveyard for the dreams of the foolish leaders of this enemy. We say, salute to our people who stand steadfast on their land, refusing displacement and deportation, who stand as a thorn in the throat of the occupying zionists, entrenched in the face of a brutal force thirsty for blood who will record in its memory and on its account bill this holocaust and the massacres committed by the enemy. It will continue to be, as it has been since 1948, a curse, fire, and destruction upon this enemy.

We give the occupation the good news of an upcoming phase of rage and resistance in the West Bank, Gaza, and Al-Quds, and on all fronts and fields, with the help of Allah Almighty. We continue our resistance to this aggression on all fronts, and our fighters are lying in wait for the enemy.

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