Iran or Israel: Which is Threat in Middle East?

By Ed Kinane

Since 2001 U.S. taxpayers have been duped into squandering hundreds of billions of dollars on invading and occupying Afghanistan.

Since 2003 we’ve been duped into squandering even more blood and treasure invading and occupying Iraq.

These invasions, of course, generate unseemly profit for certain  influential “defense” corporations.

Now, as the U.S. partially pulls back from Iraq and Afghanistan, we risk being drawn into yet another – but deeper — quagmire. This may well happen if we permit ourselves or Israel to keep demonizing and provoking Iran.

I say “permit” because Israel is on our leash. Sometimes Israel acts like a huge U.S. military base plunked right in the midst of the Middle Eastern oil reserves we covet. The U.S. has enormous leverage over Israel: it provides diplomatic cover on the UN Security Council for Israel’s aggressive foreign policy and for its brutal occupation of Palestine.

Despite the wholesale violations of international law, the US subsidizes Israeli militarism to the tune of three billion dollars a year. If the U.S. were serious about restraining the Israeli hawks, it would tell them, “Don’t even think about bombing Iran…or we will cut off your tap.”

U.S. media can help lower the risk of war. It could better inform the U.S. public about Israeli militarism and apartheid. It could inform the U.S. public about Iran’s legitimate interest in nuclear energy.

I have little use for nuclear energy and none whatsoever for nuclear weaponry. But I can understand why Iran, subject to crippling sanctions, dare not have all its energy eggs in one basket. I can see why Iran, encircled by hostile military bases, must keep its foes guessing.

Neither the U.S. nor Israel are transparent regarding military capability. Nor are they known for respecting the civilian lives or sovereignty of other nations. Both the U.S. and Israel bristle with nuclear weaponry.

In contrast, Iran has no nuclear weapons and hasn’t invaded any neighbor in over two centuries.

Iran or Israel – which is the greater threat to law and order in the Middle East?

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