‘Islamophobic’ Outburst by Student Rights Employee at UCL Protest (VIDEO)

The controversial event occurred at University College London on Thursday night. (Photo: File)

A video has emerged showing an employee of Student Rights, a so-called ‘counter-extremism’ organization linked to the Henry Jackson Society, shouting ‘Islamophobic’ abuse during a controversial event at University College London (UCL) on Thursday night.

Elliot Miller, national organizer for Student Rights who has previously worked with the Israeli foreign ministry, had already been captured on video shoving a member of the public. The new footage is expected to add to the pressure on Student Rights to take action.

In the clip, Miller is seen shouting “You treat them like shit! You don’t respect women, you don’t respect gays…you’re all…It’s a violent religion, a violent religion!”


The event, organized by the Friends of Israel society at UCL with support from Israel advocacy group CAMERA, saw a former Israeli army officer, Hen Mazzig, welcomed on the campus in order to speak in favor of the Israeli government’s policies in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The talk was intercepted by a protest organized by Palestine solidarity activists against Mazzig’s presence on campus, which has been widely smeared as “violent” and “aggressive” by the likes of Conservative Friends of Israel and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Miller himself claimed protesters were “aggressive and violent.”

UCL, however, in a statement published Friday, “stress[ed] that the protest was non-violent.”

The video footage of Miller and other Israel supporters, who abused the protesters, calling them “vermin” and Nazis, will no doubt be important for the university’s inquiry into the events of Thursday evening, as well as the presence on campus of extremist pro-Israel groups and individuals.


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