Israel Irked by UNSC Price Tag Criticism

An Israeli officer stands inside a burnt mosque in the Bedouin village of Tuba-Zangariya in northern Israel, October 3, 2011.

The UN Security Council’s criticism of the Israeli settlers’ violence against Palestinians has infuriated Israeli leaders, who have described the UN effort as “disgusting.”

“The whole debate was conducted in a disgusting manner,” said an Israel Foreign Ministry official, expressing furor over the mention of “every mosque that was torched” by Israelis.
Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin initiated the resolution criticizing the so-called price tag attacks in the occupied West Bank during the UNSC’s monthly session on the Middle East on Tuesday.
But the motion was eventually blocked by the United States, which also vetoed a criticism of Israeli settlement expansions on occupied Palestinian land.
Israeli Foreign Ministry officials accused the European Union representatives of "hijacking" the session, when they decided to release a joint statement detailing the contents of the sealed meeting.
In the statement, the diplomats criticized the Security Council’s failure to take action against escalating violence by Israeli settlers.
The British, French, German and Portuguese UN envoys called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s denouncement of the acts a "step in the right direction," but insisted they were waiting to see real results.
On Wednesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry held a special session following the statement, which one Israeli official denounced as "unacceptable and unfriendly."
"The Europeans pulled out the horn and turned up the volume to a thousand decibels," the Israeli official said.
Another Israeli source expressed outrage over the EU’s criticism of the settler violence against Palestinians and described the statement as “a blatant interference in Israel’s internal affairs."
He said that the statement was "a veiled threat that if Israel doesn’t prosecute the perpetrators the EU will drag it into international courts."
(Press TV)

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