Israel Places Six Palestinians under Nighttime Curfew, Invoking British Mandate-era Act

Six Palestinians from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya holding Israeli police notificiations. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israel placed six Palestinian residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya under nighttime curfew for several months.

On December 29, Israeli authorities invoked a British Palestine Mandate-era emergency act to impose a nighttime curfew on six youths from Issawiya for periods ranging from two months to four months.

The youths were identified as Anwar Sami Obeid, Muhammad Elayyan Elayyan, Fayez Muhammad Mheisen, Muhammad Musa Mustafa, Adam Kayed Mahmoud, and Mahmoud Ramadan Obeid.

The six were released on December 24 after being arrested on the basis of “disrupting public order”, and were given 72 hours to reply to the police notification issued by the general prosecutor of the Israeli army.

Raids by Israeli occupation forces in Issawiya have been “disrupting daily life” for residents for several months. 

Last August, Israeli NGO Ir Amir reported that:

“Over the course of the past two and half months, the police have effectively imposed a perpetual state of collective punishment on the entire neighborhood, marked by nightly police raids, severe limitations on movement, and clashes with residents. Hundreds of people have been arbitrarily detained, while an estimated 250 have been injured as a result of the police’s use of excessive force, which already claimed the life of one young man.”

“The operations on the ground intensified,” the NGO added, “severely disrupting daily life and creating intolerable conditions for area residents.

(The Palestine Chronicle, WAFA, Social Media)

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