Israeli Christians File Complaint Against Extremist Israeli Settlers’ Leader

On Friday, the Heads of Catholic churches in Israel filed an official complaint to the Israeli police against the extremist settlers’ leader Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein, who heads the extremist settlers’ group Lehava, Israeli media reported.

During a panel debate held on Tuesday discussing idol worship, Gopstein said that he was willing to spend 50 years in prison for burning churches.

In their complaint, the Catholic leaders said they were deeply concerned about the recent increase in hate crime and attacks against Christian holy sites.

The group, which includes over 20 bishops and archbishops, emphasised the fact that Gopstein was able to make public statements in favour of attacking churches, also that no arrests have been made against those who incite violence.

Gopstein made the comments during a debate at a Jewish learning centre in Jerusalem about whether Jews are commanded to eliminate idol worship, as the Jewish scholar Maimonides states.

When Gopstein was asked during the debate whether he is in favour of burning Christian churches in Israel, he said that he was.

(Middle East Monitor)

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