Israeli Forces Detain 22 Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Nablus

Israeli forces launched multiple raids across the West Bank early Tuesday morning, detaining at least 22 young Palestinian men.

Spokesman for the youth movement in East Jerusalem Hani Halabiyya told Ma’an that Israeli troops stormed al-Eizariya and Abu Dis villages shortly after midnight and detained 15 young men after ransacking their homes.

Halabiyya highlighted that fierce clashes broke out between the Israeli troops and young men from the villages during the raid. The soldiers fired tear gas haphazardly at Palestinian houses, he said.

More than 35 military vehicles, a bulldozer and four military buses were seen in the two villages, added Halabiyya.

He identified the detainees as Muhammad Mujahid Abu Rumi, Ahmad Muhammad Jamous, Muhammad Hasan Bassah, Karim Shujaiyya, Muhammad Basim Abu al-Reesh, Abdul-Salam Yousuf Sinnawi, Samir Sanduqa, Amjad al-Khateeb, Musab Salah, Ziad Khalil al-Sabe, his brother Tariq, Muhammad Ali Faroun, Muntasir Gheith, his brother Hani, and Muhammad Iyad Udwan.

Israeli troops also ransacked the homes of Jamal Bassah and Ammar Bassah in al-Eizariya, firing tear gas inside the houses during the raids and damaging the interiors of their homes.

The invading soldiers put up posters in the two villages urging parents to watch out for their children, who the posters claimed are “involved in terrorist activities.”

The posters included photos of parents who Israeli forces claim are the parents of those involved in attacks against Israel.

“We hereby notify you that your children are involved in terrorist attacks against citizens of the state of Israel. Practices by those young men endanger innocent citizens, and if they do not stop what they do, the IDF will have to take action to stop these practices,” the posters read.

The leaflets added, “If you don’t stop them, tough restrictions will be imposed and will negatively affect your lives. Residents of Abu Dis! If you want to avoid having your photos on a post like this, stop the terrorist attacks your kids are practicing. … Stop them before it’s too late. He who warns is excused!”

Overnight raids by Israeli troops were also reported in Nablus in the northern West Bank. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers stormed Askar refugee camp east of Nablus and detained 24-year-old Nasooh Abu Saadah.

Separately, an Israeli force raided the village of Beita south of Nablus and detained 19-year-old Baraa Bilal Hamayil, 22-year-old Ghassan Marwan Hamayil.

Moreover, 22-year-old Abdul-Hafeeth Shehadah was detained from his house in Urif village near Nablus.

Israeli forces also stormed al-Tur village in East Jerusalem and detained three teenagers.

A Ma’an reporter identified them as 18-year-old Bahaa Addin Abu al-Hawa, 18-year-old Tariq Abu al-Hawa and 18-year-old Walid Abu al-Hawa.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the raids in Urif, Nablus, and Beita, but had no information on the other raids.

She did, however, add that 10 Palestinians were detained in other overnight raids across the West Bank.

She confirmed two detentions in Qabatiya near Jenin, four in Beit Lid near Nablus, two in Deir Abu Mishal near Ramallah, one in Harmala near Bethlehem, and one in Bethlehem itself.

The raids follow the detention of 15 Palestinians across the West Bank in overnight raids on Monday.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.

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