Israeli Forces Invade Jenin, Kill Three Palestinians

Three Palestinians were killed in a military raid in Jenin. (Photo: via WAFA)

Israeli occupation forces invaded the city of Jenin and its adjacent refugee camp on Tuesday night, killing three Palestinians, and wounding and arresting others.

Three Palestinians were killed, and others injured, during an Israeli assault on the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp on Tuesday night, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Shooting at Jenin Hospital

The director of al-Razi Hospital in the city of Jenin, Fawaz Hammad, said that Yanal Hamran, from the village of Al-Hashimiya, west of Jenin, died as a result of a serious injury to the head caused by Isreali gunfire during the aggression against the city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

Hamran was shot by the Israeli soldiers while he was near the Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital. He was transferred to Al-Razi Hospital, where the doctors tried to save his life, without success.

Additionally, the Ibn Sina Hospital announced that two young Palestinian men, Wiam Al-Hariri and Mohammad Younis Jarrar, were killed after they were bombed by a drone with two missiles in the Jourat Al-Dhahab area, inside the Jenin camp.

Bombing with Missiles

A large Israeli unit, accompanied by bulldozers, stormed the city from several directions, from the streets of Jenin-Nazareth, Jenin-Nablus, and Haifa Street, and reached the vicinity of the camp, which led to the outbreak of confrontations.

The Israeli occupation drones bombed with two missiles in the Jourat al-Dhahab area inside the Jenin camp, wounding three citizens.

The Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance crews took the wounded to the hospital. Later, Ibn Sina Hospital announced that Hariri and Jarrar had died from their wounds.

The occupation forces also fired bullets, stun grenades, and toxic tear gas toward citizens and their homes, injuring a Palestinian youth with bullets in the vicinity of the cinema roundabout.

Israeli forces also targeted the Jenin Governmental Hospital with bullets and a barrage of tear gas bombs.

In addition, a volunteer paramedic was shot, and several patients, doctors, and hospital workers suffered suffocation.

Snipers on the Roofs

Israeli forces deployed their snipers on the roofs of houses and buildings in Jenin and on the outskirts of the camp, and imposed a siege on the camp, as Apache helicopters intensively flew in the sky of the city.

Israeli troops raided the house of the prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi, and the house of former prisoner Jamal Hawee, lecturer at the Arab American University. They also surrounded a house in the Jabriyat neighborhood before raiding it.

Israeli occupation forces severely beat local resident Ahmed Washahi after raiding his house in Jenin.

They also detained Abu Fidaa Al-Amouri, and his two sons, Fidaa and Muhammad, after raiding their house in the camp and destroying its contents.

Bulldozing Streets, Buildings

Israeli bulldozers began to destroy the Interior Ministry’s roundabout in front of the Institutions Complex, demolishing walls, bulldozing several streets, and destroying citizens’ vehicles in the city and around the camp, amid the sound of violent explosions.

WAFA correspondent reported that there was a power outage in Jenin camp, the Jabriyat neighborhood, and large neighborhoods in the city, after Israel destroyed electricity networks.

The occupation bulldozers also removed barriers at the entrance to the Jenin camp, demolished the remaining part of the camp entrance, and turned a residential building adjacent to the camp into a military point.

Special units of the occupation army also infiltrated the Jabriyat neighborhood of the city of Jenin on Tuesday evening, and raided the house of the secretary of the Fatah movement in the Jenin Governorate, Atta Abu Rumaila, before detaining him and his son Ahmad, after they were severely beaten.


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