Israeli Justice Minister: Arabs Wanting National Rights Must Leave the County

Far-right Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked. (Photo: via Social media)

Israeli justice minister Ayelet Shaked blasted a proposal by Joint List parliamentarian Jamal Zahalka to recognize Palestinian citizens as a national minority.

Speaking in the Knesset, Shaked claimed that the proposed legislation “wishes to innovate a new constitutional hierarchy in which the Arab citizens of Israel will have a collective national veto right over decisions by state institutions.”

Shaked attacked Zahalka’s proposal on the basis that it “speaks of democracy and intentionally omits Israel’s status as a Jewish state.”

Speaking directly to Palestinian MKs, Shaked said: “[David] Ben Gurion [Israel’s first prime minister] would turn over in his grave (if he knew of this law)…The national definition of the State of Israel is the one and only state of the Jewish nation.”

She continued: “National rights for Arab minorities can be attained in our neighboring Arab countries. Whoever wishes to realize his national rights as an Arab is invited to leave to these countries.”


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