Israeli Police Commissioner Wants to Apply ‘Administrative Detention’ to Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Palestinians in Haifa protest against the killing of a Palestinian citizen of Israel by Israeli police. (Photo: via

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israeli Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai is pushing for a measure that would allow the so-called ‘Administrative Detention’ to be used against Palestinian citizens of Israel, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

According to The Times of Israel, Shabtai wants Israeli forces to be allowed to use administrative detentions in an effort to ‘combat crimes’ in the Arab communities.

Administrative detention is an unlawful practice currently employed by Israeli authorities to indefinitely imprison Palestinian political prisoners on the basis of ‘secret information’ without trial or charge.

Palestinian citizens, who make up 20 percent of the population in Israel, believe that Israeli occupation authorities are purposely ignoring rising crime rates in their community.

Last September, the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel denounced in a statement that the Israeli government is encouraging crimes among Arab communities “in order to attract the Arab youth to police and army recruitment,” the Middle East Monitor reported.

“Ending crime in the Arab community does not need a plan or a government decision, but a police interference as happened in the Jewish communities many years ago,” MEMO quoted the head of the committee, Mohammad Baraka, as saying. 

Since the start of 2021, about 100 Arabs have been killed, with protests being held to urge the Israeli government to act.

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