Israeli Police Show Primary School Children How to Kill Palestinians (VIDEO)

Isra' Abed, 28, was one many Palestinian youth killed by Israeli soldiers. (Photo: via Facebook, file)

Israeli police officers have given a practical demonstration to primary school children on how to kill a Palestinian assailant and verify that he is dead, Israeli media reported on Tuesday. The outdoor event took place on Monday in Ramat HaSharon.

During the programme, four Israeli policemen with M16 guns approached a person who was clearly supposed to be a Palestinian, and started shooting at him. The “Palestinian” fell down immediately, but the policemen got off their motorbikes and continued shooting at him, although he was motionless, in order to make sure that he was “dead”.

A video of the demonstration has gone viral on social media which shows the whole exercise. The process is exactly the same as what happens in real life when the Israeli occupation forces to all intents and purposes execute Palestinians extrajudicially over alleged “stabbing attacks”.

According to Haaretz, the police officers told the pupils that they would hear the sound of gunshots and explosives so that they would not panic during the demonstration.

However, the event has backfired on the police, as the families of the students protested that such young children should not be exposed to such violent scenes. Complaints have been sent to the local municipality. This, said Haaretz, is not the first time that the Israeli police have showcased violence like this to pupils of this age.

The newspaper revealed that Israeli Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan called for the police to organise an open day that included police dogs being encouraged to attack Palestinians. Several crowd dispersal techniques were also demonstrated; it was noted that such techniques are not used when the demonstrators are Jews.

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