Jerusalem: Palestinian Teen Killed at Israeli Checkpoint (VIDEO)

Samah Zuheir Mubarak, 16, was shot and killed at an Israeli checkpoint. (Photo: via Social Media)

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian teen at the al-Zaayim checkpoint, on a road that leads to the entrance of the illegal Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim, east of occupied Jerusalem, on Wednesday morning.

Hebrew-language news sites reported that Israeli soldiers deployed at the checkpoint opened fire at a Palestinian teen who was allegedly wielding a knife and running towards them.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the killed teen as 16-year-old Samah Zuheir Mubarak, a resident from Ramallah City.

An Israeli police spokesperson said in a statement that the Palestinian teen attempted to stab one of the Israeli soldiers situated at the checkpoint when security forces intervened and opened fire.

The teen was critically injured, however, succumbed to her injuries within a few minutes.

No injuries were reported among Israelis.

The checkpoint was temporarily closed following the alleged attack.

(Ma’an, PC, Social Media)

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  1. These every day killings of Palestinian youth is unbearable. I do not know how humanity has come to such a barbarian aspect of the world’s community tolerating these ongoing crimes against humanity. There is a people who is denied the most basic rights by its oppressors and these oppressors doing the killing and destruction of a whole society are educated to be slaughterers. This all in the name of a colonial project which was condemned to fail from the beginning on.

  2. These zionists have two people on their consciousness: The Jews which they educate as killers and the Palestinians which they want to erase. This is monstrous. I would not like to meet an Isreli because these Israeli youth carry out murder when in army service and can not even imagine that they follow a barbaric enterprise which makes them different to all other people in the world. There is genocide in our miserable world but educating youth to be killers of other people for more that four generations is a monstrosity.

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