Kushner: ‘Israel, Palestine Leaders Will Have to Make Compromise’ (VIDEO)

Kushner speaking at US Embassy opening in Jerusalem while the Israeli military massacred protesters in Gaza. (Photo: via Twitter)

Jared Kushner, a senior White House adviser and son-in-law of the United States President Donald Trump, said on Monday that a “reasonable” leadership will be willing to negotiate with Israel based on the Trump administration’s peace plan when it is eventually unveiled.

Kushner also said, during an interview with CNN at the channel’s “Citizen CNN” conference, that the status quo was “not acceptable.”

“If there’s a reasonable leadership and there’s a reasonable plan, then they’ll come to the table.”

Kushner claimed that the US administration has made progress on the Middle East peace plan, also known as “Deal of the Century,” however, he did not provide further details and said leaders on both sides would need to make concessions.

He said:

“I think we’ve made a lot of progress. The president has done a very good job of not allowing the old ways of thinking to constrain his actions.”

He continued:

“The status quo between Israel and the Palestinians is not acceptable. The situation is only getting worse. At some point, the leaders will have to take a bold step and make compromise. We hope to find leaderships that are ready to do so.”

Although the US administration has been promoting its peace plan for months, details of it have not been revealed yet, and Palestinians, who decided to boycott the US administration due to its recent decisions towards Palestinians, including the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, vowed to dismiss the peace plan once announced.

Following recent tensions and the US Trump administration’s undeniable support for Israel has prompted the Palestinians to cut communication with the US and declared it unfit to be a mediator during the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Trump, who called the plan the “ultimate deal,” in September, said that his “dream” is to reveal the peace plan in the next two to three months.

Kushner avoided addressing the question of whether the plan would call for a two-state solution and said:

“I think that what we’re working on will allow Israelis to have the security that they want and the Palestinian people to have the opportunity that they want.”

Kushner also insisted that the US peace plan would meet the needs of both Israel and the Palestinians.

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  1. I am hoping to read an articulate, thought through calculation for dissing Trump’s plan before its published. Seems a giant gamble. Trump may be reelected and Palestine’s supporters may get demoralized further.

    That Israel takes from America more than America gives is instructive.

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