Letter to the Editor: Our Collective Problem of Exceptionalism

To the Editor:

A major problem in the world today and the major obstacle to world  peace is the concept of exceptionalism. This concept is that because I am  so good a (insert from list below) I have the right nay duty to impose my values on others. Also as my cause is so important and I’m so good  it also gives me a license to disregard the rights of others (In any case they are not as worthy as I am so this is only fair) so I can with impunity torture, Kill, advantage myself at their expense, disrupt,  discriminate etc.

List: Patriot (all countries), Communist, Capitalist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddht, Vegan, Liberal, Labor, Democrat, Green, etc, you get the idea.

Kevin Walsh RFD
Major RAINF (Inactive)
Former Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong
Keysborough Victoria Australia

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