Lieberman to Launch Online Channel Directed at Palestinians

Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. (Photo: File)

Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, announced during a meeting with military reporters at the headquarters of the Israeli Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv yesterday, a plan to launch a 10-million shekel online channel directed at Palestinians in the West Bank.

Lieberman said the plan would include “treating Palestinians who are ready to co-exist with Israeli settlers in the West Bank well,  and imposing restrictions on those who do not.”

Commenting on the issue of the bodies of Palestinians held by Israel, he stated, “My opinion is still the same – these bodies should not be returned to the Palestinians.”

He divided the West Bank into three main areas, using the color green for ‘peaceful areas’, and yellow and red for ‘dangerous areas’.

“Green areas such as Bit Sahour where a hospital was built, are provided with infrastructure. Yellow and red areas will suffer. The number of arrests and demolition orders will increase. We will storm hospitals to arrest Palestinians involved in attacks against us,” he said.

The other part of Lieberman’s plan is to engage in a direct dialogue with Palestinians without the mediation of the Palestinian Authority. “We want to engage in a dialogue with those who want to speak to us. Abbas is an obstacle for peace,” Lieberman said.

He revealed that he will set up a 10-million shekel online channel to broadcast Arabic news to the Palestinians in the West Bank.

(PC, Palestine Today)

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