Maha, A Gaza War-survivor Child ‘Full of Hope Despite Hardships’

Maha al Sheikh Khalil. (Photo: via PCHR)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has published a report describing the life of Palestinian child Maha al Sheikh Khalil, a ten-year old girl who survived the 2014 massacre Israel committed against Gaza’s Al-Shuayia neighborhood.

“Looking as if it had been hit by an earthquake, the attack left more than 1949 residential buildings completely destroyed. The arbitrary intense bombing led to 195 civilian casualties, of which 50 were women and 55 children. Furthermore, the 180 children became disabled as a result of this war. A whole new generation of children has grown up knowing nothing but war,” PCHR wrote.

PCHR added that Maha suffers from quadriplegia after having caught shrapnel in the neck, resulting in vertebrae spine fracture. “Despite the challenges and hardships she been through, is full of love, and hope. Maha’s childhood memoirs are afflicted with loss, war, and being left with irreparable injuries,” the human rights group explained.

Six Israeli mortars hit the house of Maha’s family, killing seven of her family members. “It was an arbitrary attack targeting civilians, as the family had never been involved in any kind of political resistance,” PCHR continued.

Maha was treated at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital for 30 days, but due to the limited medical care facilities; her case was perceived as a lost one. The doctors gave prioritized injured persons with higher likelihood of recovery over severe cases like Maha, PCHR reported.

The family received promises to treat her in Germany, but these promises were not kept. She was treated in Turkey for 10 months, yet her condition has not seen much improvement.


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