‘Moral Conscience, Not Double Standards’: China Declares Strong Position on Gaza at UN

China’s Ambassador Zhang Jun. (Photo: UN Web TV, Video grab)

Russia and China articulated their political positions regarding the Israeli war on Gaza at a UNSC special session on Tuesday. The words of Zhang Jun, however, were unapologetically pro-Palestine.

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, said it was unfortunate that the emergency special session was taking place on UN Day, against the backdrop of “unprecedented” violence that has caused “catastrophic” casualties on both sides, with Russians among the victims.

The number of deaths and injuries “bears witness to the fact that (the) scale of the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip has exceeded all of our worst imaginations,” he said.

The “terrible acts” of October 7, and the “tragic events” that followed were the result of years of “destructive positions” that Washington had taken, accusing the US of sabotaging potential solutions to the protracted conflict in the region.

“We, along with many others for several years now, have warned that the situation is on the brink of explosion and the explosion occurred,” Nebenzia said.

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“This crisis has once again shown that without fair settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in line with Security Council and General Assembly resolutions and based on approved international decisions on the two-state solution, regional stabilization will be out of reach,” he added, reiterating Russia’s position that there needs to be a sustainable negotiation process.

“Following this, there must be the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian State, within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, coexisting in peace and security with Israel.”

China: Stop the Attacks

For his part, China’s Ambassador Zhang Jun said, “The eyes of the entire world are on this Chamber,” calling on the Council to send a powerful, united message.

That includes an immediate ceasefire, which the Council must express in clear, unambiguous language. If not, the two-state solution could be jeopardized. States should uphold a moral conscience, not double standards.

Turning to the humanitarian situation in Gaza he said urgent efforts are needed. Aid supplies currently allowed to enter the enclave are “a drop in the bucket”. The full siege of Gaza must be lifted alongside the collective punishment of Palestinians.

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In this vein, he called on Israel to stop its attacks and allow aid to be delivered, adding that international humanitarian law must be upheld. The Council must defend the rule of law at every level and oppose any violations, he said.

The root cause of the conflict rests in the prolonged occupation of Palestinian territory and a lack of respect for their rights, he said, adding that Council actions must not deviate from this.

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  1. Why is it so difficult for the Israel government to treat Palestinians as equals? Why to they think they are superior when obviously they are not. Why did they think they could come into a country, change its name and call it a “Jewish state?” Why did the British foster this travesty of justice? Why do people get arrested or even lose their jobs for speaking up for Palestinians? Why is Israel put into a special category? The Jewish Holocaust lasted 6 years. The Palestinian Holocaust has lasted 75 years. Which is worse?

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