Nizar Sakhnini: Disintegration, Fragmentation in the Middle East

By Nizar Sakhnini
Special to

Following WWII, the U.S. emerged as the most powerful imperialist power. During the so- called ‘Cold War’, fighting ‘Communism’ was used as a pretext to cover U.S. wars for hegemony and control.

As of the mid-seventies, it became clear that the USSR was weakening and ceased to exist by the end of 1991. A new pretext was needed to justify imperialist wars for global hegemony and control. The following items provide a clear idea of what took place within the U.S. and its militarized outpost in the Middle East:

1982, February: Oded Yinon, a journalist and analyst of Middle Eastern affairs and former senior Foreign Ministry official, wrote an article, which appeared in the WZO’s periodical Kivunim outlining a strategy for Israel in the 1980’s.  It called for the dissolution and fragmentation of the Arab states.  (Nur Masalha, A Land Without a People: Israel, Transfer and the Palestinians 1949 – 96.  London: Faber and Faber ltd., 1997, pp. 196 – 198, citing Oded Yinon, A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s, Kivunim, Jerusalem, No. 14, February 1982, pp. 53 – 58) 

1993: Samuel P. Huntington came up with his ‘Clash of Civilizations’ theory that culture and cultural identities shape the patterns of conflict in the post-Cold War world.

1996, 8 July: Richard Perle, a former head of the Defense Policy Board in the Pentagon, delivered a document, ‘A Clean Break’, to the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Perle, and a team of Zionist American neo-cons, had been tasked by Netanyahu to draft a new Israeli strategy that would abrogate the Oslo Accords and overturn the entire concept of ‘comprehensive land for peace’ in favor of a policy of military conquest and occupation.  

1997: A Washington-based neo-conservative think-tank, The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), was founded to ‘rally support for America n global leadership’. The events of September 11, 2001 provided a window of opportunity for furthering PNAC’s agenda. The ‘Cold War’ was replaced with a new war against ‘Islamic Terror’, which is used as a pretext to justify Imperialist and Zionist wars. 

1998, 31 October: a U.S. Memorandum of Agreement was signed by American President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu according to which the U.S. would work jointly for the attainment of the following objectives: enhancing Israel’s defensive and deterrent capabilities, and upgrading the framework of the U.S.-Israeli strategic and military relationships, as well as the technological cooperation between them.

2001, December: The first of a series of annual conferences was held in the Institute of Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center – Herzliya to discuss and confront a basic and ‘strategic threat’ to the ‘Jewish State’: the ‘demographic threat’, which came back to haunt the Zionist leadership.

Reading between the lines of the above items leaves no doubt in my mind that the Zionists in the U.S. and in Israel in cooperation with their Arab surrogates are pushing for disintegration and fragmentation of the region using their war on terror as a platform.

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