Palestinian Child Prisoner Sends Letter to his Mother on her Birthday

Youngest Palestinian child prisoner, Shadi Farah, 12. (Photo: Khabirni)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Youngest Palestinian child prisoner, Shadi Farah, 12, from Jerusalem, sent a letter to his mother on her birthday.

Shadi’s letter read: “ I want to tell you to keep your head high in the sky just like palm trees, never shaken by winds nor earthquakes, and I want you, my mother, to be proud because what I am going through is a test from God. I want you to convey my greetings to my relatives and friends and my brothers and sisters, especially Rayan.”

Palestinian journalist, Amir Abuiram, from Ramallah told the Palestine Chronicle that, “Shadi gave his coat, which his mother fought to deliver to him, to the youngest female child prisoner in Israeli jails, Dimaa Alkhatib, when they met on their way to an Israeli court. After her release, Dimaa was asked why she looked sad in her photos. Her answer was, ‘because I left Shadi behind bars’”.

Parts of Shadi’s letter to his mother. (Photo: SkyNews Screen Grab)

In April 2016, Defense of Children International, in Ramallah published a report detailing the widespread and systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system. From meals prepared in a makeshift kitchen to adult prisoner “caregivers,” the report also gives a rare glimpse into Palestinian children’s daily living conditions in Israeli prisons.

(Palestine Chronicle)

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