Palestinian Poverty Level Almost Double Israel Average

Israel's Apartheid Wall. (Photo: File)

A new report has found that the percentage of Palestinian citizens of Israel living below the poverty line is almost double the national average, pointing to a huge disparity between Palestinian and Jewish Israelis.

The report – released today by Israel’s National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) – found that 47.1 percent of Palestinian-Israeli families live below the poverty line, versus a national average of 28.4 percent.

The findings are based on data gathered by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics for 2017 which, according to the Jerusalem Post, is “the most recent year for which comprehensive information is available”. Although the poverty rate among Palestinian citizens of Israel fell from 49.2 percent in 2016, the figures still indicate that almost half of all Palestinian families living in Israel live in poverty.

Other minority communities were also shown to be suffering higher-than-average poverty rates, including Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community. Today’s report shows that 43.1 of ultra-Orthodox families live in poverty, only marginally less than Palestinian citizens of Israel. According to the report, Israel has the highest poverty rate of any country in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

The high poverty levels experienced by Palestinian families stems largely from the discriminatory policies Israel pursues against them in terms of resource allocation, building permits and, in the case of the country’s Bedouin community, punitive house demolitions.

Palestinian citizens of Israel – sometimes known as ‘48 Palestinians – represent 20.9 percent of Israel’s 8.9 million-strong population. During the Nakba of 1948, they were among 750,000 Palestinians forcibly displaced by Jewish militias, with many now living only a few miles from their ancestral village as internally displaced persons.

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