Letter from Belal Kayed: I Have no Option but to Win

Bilal Kayed began his own hunger strike on June 13. (Photo: File)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

On his 70th day of his hunger strike, Palestinian prisoner, Belal Kayed, sent a letter through his lawyer to his family and to the Palestinian people assuring them that he will continue his battle until he wins his freedom.

Bawabat Alhadaf website published Kayed’s letter. The Palestine Chronicle provides an exclusive translation of it:

 In the name of God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

To our courageous and steadfast people,

To those who refused to support anything but the truth, homeland dignity and challenges

On my 70th day of a hunger strike in the battle of dignity and steadfastness, we are fighting together in support of Palestine and our struggle and in support of all free people who seek to liberate their lands.

I write to you with honor and dignity at a time that my body is very weak, and my brain is losing its abilities, yet my very soul is still steadfast and committed to continuing the hunger strike. This is a decision that no force in the world could change: either to win or to win – so raise your victory fingers, always and forever.

My mother, my people – I will keep my word. My mother, do not lower your victory fingers. I am victorious for you, with you, and together, for our bodies to be a bridge for all revolutionaries and liberators.

To be in the highest positions is what we want. Seeking martyrdom is a way to abolish our sins for not supporting our country enough. We staged a new phase of the struggle that should be victorious as we have maintained its flag. Do not let the flag fall. ‘Our promise is resistance, not bargaining’, as martyr Abu Ali Mustapha (the Former Secretary of the PFLP), whose memory is with us, put it.

We should be victorious.

Your brother, Bilal Kayed

Birazali Hospital,

Askalan City

23 August 2016.

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