PPSC: 13 Palestinian Mothers Held in Israeli Jails this Eid

A Palestinian child holds a photo of his mother, detained in an Israeli jail. (Photo: via Daysofpalestine.com)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

The Palestine Prisoners Studies Centre revealed yesterday that 13 Palestinian mothers are being held in Israeli jails this Eid. Israel has detained 65 female Palestinians, of which 13 are mothers who have children as young as five-years-old, and which doubles their suffering and that of their families during Eid.

Ryiad Alashqar, the media spokesperson for PPSC said, “Eid touches the wounds of Palestinian mothers in Israeli jails who dream of hugging their children on this special occasion. Mothers think about how their children spend their Eid away from them. They keep themselves busy by cleaning their prison cells and making Eid cakes.”

Alashqar said Palestinian mothers held in Israeli jails are as follows:

Abla Aladam, 45, from Hebron, was critically injured when arrested in September 2015.

Alia Abbasi, 50, from Silwan, is sentenced to 28 months in prison, and her son, Issa Abbasi, is serving a 10-year sentence.

Israa Jubas, 32, from Jerusalem, whose son is eight years old and whom she is not allowed to see. She also suffers from serious burns.

Sana Alhafi, 43, from Gaza, has seven children and is sentenced to a year in prison.

Iman Kinjo, 44, from 1948 territories, has five children and has been detained since August 2015.

Nisreen Hassan, from Gaza, was arrested last October at the Eretz Crossing.

Amina Salah, from Bethlehem, who is the wife of prisoner Osman Salah, was arrested while on a family visit to her husband in Israeli jails and is serving a 15-month sentence.

Haifa Abusbeeh from Hebron.

Amira Ali Hamidat, suffers from a breathing difficulty and is being held since last November.

Yassmin Shaban, 32, from Jenin, suffers from a breathing difficulty and other health problems.

Samia Mshahra, a mother of three, is serving an 11-month sentence.

Hulwa Hamamra is the mother of a two-year old child whom she is not allowed to see.

Sabah Firoun from Jerusalem is a mother of four.

The Center called on international organizations to intervene to release these prisoners, especially as there is no legal basis for detaining them in most cases and the charges against them are falsifications.


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