Humiliating Selfies: Racism in Israel on the Rise

A black man was forced to take humiliating selfies by Israeli men. (Photo: Jonathan Small via Facebook)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

A post that’s gone viral on Facebook drew attention to the issue of rampant racism in Israel.

On my nightly walk with Franklin, I passed two men using the beach showers to clean themselves. They were minding their…

Gepostet von Jonathan Small am Dienstag, 24. April 2018

The Israeli photographer Jonathan Small was walking as he passed two black individuals who were showering while ‘not harassing or hurting anyone’.

After a while, a group of Israeli men began harassing them. Reportedly, they shoved, pulled them and forced them to take humiliating selfies.

Soon after this episode, a report was released by Israeli State Comptroller Joseph Shapira, who wrote on Thursday that:

“The State of Israel is not doing enough to uproot the grave phenomena of racism and hate”.

Only a few weeks ago, Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef had called black people “monkeys”. His words had been widely condemned across the world.


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  1. even though I go by the name of Reverend Bud Green, I was born jewish. When I was being brought up, we were taught by parents and teachers as well to hate Arabs. Even thought the holocaust was only 30 or so years ago at the time, we were taught hatred toward Arabs. When I grew up, I became aware through the smoking of the holy herb known as marijuana, that I should love all people. Now I preach the need for a non-violent left wing revolution to save our evil society from the racists and evil doers who run Israel and Amerikka as well. All people can become enlightened the use of the holy herb, wake up sheeple and realize our true enemy is right wing modern Nazi’s like Netanyahu and Trump

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