Report: Israeli Police Deliberately Provoke ‘Friction Activity’ with Palestinians

Clashes in Issawiyeh in East Jerusalem. (Photo: via

Israeli police deliberately initiate “friction activity” with Palestinians living in occupied Jerusalem in order to provoke angry responses, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported yesterday.

The report referred to “friction” in the Al-Issawiyeh neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem where a 12-year-old Palestinian boy was shot in the head, placing him in a coma.

The report stated that clashes erupted between Palestinian and Israeli border guards on January 6 after the guards entered Al-Issawiyeh. Ahmed Abu Humus was shot in the head during the clashes, resulting in his loss of memory.

The boy’s family filed a complaint with the police but it was closed about two months ago citing “a lack of evidence”.

Last week, the complete file was handed over to an Israeli lawyer, containing reports indicating that the police “initiated the friction” with the Palestinians, Haaretz reported.

A policeman said: “During the afternoon shift we launched an activity in Issawiyah to create friction with the residents.”

“Two other policemen said that they ‘were asked to come to the Menta gas station in Issawiyah for a friction activity in the village’, the file said.

Israeli police denied the claims saying these “were not deliberate provocative acts” but were rather “concentrated acts targeting suspects” who might have taken part in previous violence or regarding whom the police had received intelligence information.


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