Report: Israeli Tourists Stealing from Dubai Hotels

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a deal that is expected to lead to “full normalization of relations” between the Arab nation and Israel. (Photo: File)

Israeli tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been stealing items from hotel rooms in Dubai, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

“I have been visiting the UAE for many years and doing business there,” stated an Israeli businessman. “Last month I arrived at the hotel I was staying in and was terrified when I saw in the hotel lobby, Israelis are being searched for stolen items from the rooms.”

Complaints of Israeli tourists stealing from hotels comes a month after the first commercial passenger flight from Israel to the UAE to off, as part of a new regular service.

Moreover, a manager of a hotel overlooking the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, said: “We host hundreds of tourists from all countries of the world, some of them create problems, but we have not seen items stolen before.”

“Recently we have seen Israeli tourists come to the hotel and pile up all their bags, stealing towels, tea and coffee bags, and even lamps.”

He added: “One time an Israeli family came with two children to check-out, and we discovered that things were missing in the room, and when the hotel staff tried to tell them that things in the room in which they were staying were missing, they started screaming.”

“After the conversation, they finally agreed to open their bag and we discovered that they had ice containers, hangers, and face towels. After we told them that we would inform the police, they decided to return the things and apologized.”

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Nasari, a Qatari presenter, published a video claiming a number of Emirati hotel owners contacted him detailing the thefts they discovered.

In the video which went viral across social media, he warned: “They should know that normalisation with Israel means having to give up room objects for now, and maybe land later on.”

The UAE and Israel agreed to establish full diplomatic, cultural, and commercial relations following the signing of the controversial agreements on 15 September at the White House.

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