Ron Moore: The Ron Paul Revolution

By Ron Moore
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Ron Paul has earned his reputation as “President of the Internet.” Receiving enough hits, page views, myspace friend requests and you tube views that dwarfs the other candidates, the results of which justifies the title. (1)

In a single day his internet based grass roots supporters generated over 6 million in contributions, the single highest amount on record, yet his opponents label Ron Paul as a “long shot.” Fox News, mainstream media and republican elites have all ignored “The Ron Paul Revolution.” Obfuscating its significance contrary to the reality of his internet grass roots popularity, they deny its existence by degrading its significance or labeling its adherents as pseudo voters.

Have we forgotten America’s long shots?

George Washington was a long shot when he crossed the Delaware River, the surrender of Cornwallis was a long shot, the D-Day invasion of Europe, the defeat of Nazi Germany and subsequent liberation of Europe, yes even Iwo Jima were all American long shots. Anyone obtaining the label of a “long shot” follows a lasting legacy of American patriots that forced their way to freedom and liberty against tyranny and oppression by tenacity, endurance and fortitude.

The truth is, the only “long shot” is Ron Paul’s uphill struggle against media control of mass communication and political apathy. Fox News’ refusal to include Ron Paul in the January 6th New Hampshire “debate,” as well as excluding him from coverage is prime example of this effort. That refusal is a violation of the FCC, since excluding Ron Paul could not be in “the public interest,” but only services a hidden agenda of special interests subverting liberty, freedom and the Constitution.

Ron Paul is the only candidate to openly question support to Israel. US support of Israel was and is one of the main reasons behind the 911 attacks and subsequent “jihad” against American Imperialism and Missionary Democracy, attacks not against American’s or our way of life, but war waged against failed foreign policy which is contrary to America’s core ideals; (2) an Israeli, US endorsed policy that supports war crimes, murder of innocent children and political opponents, land theft, the collective punishment of a people while violating US and International law, ignoring clear UN mandates such as UN Resolution 242.(3) There is no conflict between Israel and Palestine, that was resolved by UN 242. All are usurpations of the Constitution, yet only Ron Paul dares to speak out.

Only Ron Paul has clearly defined “terrorism.” No candidate has done this. Terrorist acts are a war tactic, not insane actions of “extremists.” There is no hate of our way of life, America is not indiscriminately attacked by extremists, we are attacked because of our governments failed foreign policy decisions that do not reflect American ideals. Israel’s domination of American Middle Eastern Foreign Policy must end, Ron Paul is the hope for that tomorrow that will come.

Israeli oppression of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq must end, but out of the myriad of web sites and organizations, even among governments that oppose such actions, there is no centralized effort to effectuate political change which creates strategic results. Though unintentional, this incongruence becomes political apathy, the only benefactor being Zionism. Patriots against tyranny must become active politically in America’s never ending saga against tyranny and usurpations of its constitution.

The American ideal of government will always be on the defense against usurpations, even internally; “We The People” was a revolution that is alive once again today, through “The Ron Paul Revolution.” The Palestinian 50 year struggle against occupation will possibly become a continued distant long shot unless the groups that call for an end to this saga unite, overcome political apathy, quell infighting and begin positive involvement in this 2008 Presidential Election. Collectively they must support the only viable solution to this travesty, America’s long shot, Ron Paul.

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Action Links:

-Contact Fox News directly and demand “Ron Paul” be included in the January 6th Debate
-Add a widget or banner to your site supporting Ron Paul as soon as possible, available from his site:
-AP Article on FCC Complaint  filed by another candidate.


(1) Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA Bin-Laden group, resigned his position in protest due to the incorrect labeling and mishandling of the real threat against America. See, “Imperial Hubris.” By Michael Scheuer (Quoted by Bin-Laden)
(2) UN Resolution 242. There is no conflict between Israel and Palestine. UN 242 clearly established the division of land which Israel continually ignores and steals to this day, destroying lives, houses and democracy. “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid” by Jimmy Carter

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