Setting Illogical Discourse: IS and the ME Bloodbath

(Zoriah -

One is rarely proposing to ignore existing fault lines in Middle Eastern societies, standing sectarianism, fundamentalism, brewing, unresolved conflicts, and of course the monster of authoritarianism and corruption. None of this should be unheeded; if indeed a peaceful future is to be made possible. On the other hand, the argument that desperately seeks every possible pretense — from blaming Islam and believers of some strange apocalypse to everyone else but the US and its allies — is a poor attempt at escaping a heavy moral, but also political responsibly. The danger of that argument lies in the fact that its promoters don’t mind seeing yet another war, like the one that was visited upon the Middle East a decade or so ago, the one that wrought Al-Qaeda to the region, and orchestrated the rise of IS, and the bloodbath that followed.

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