Transcendence – A Poem

By Samah Sabawi

This poem is inspired by my beloved family in Gaza who have taught me that life always wins in the end. Children are born, weddings are celebrated and even in the bleakest circumstances people still fall in love. Life is more powerful than missiles, politics and oppression. Life has the power to transcend the siege, the walls and the occupation. Life wins every single time.


You may claim to tell my story
Usurp my words
And wear my skin
Like a bear hunter wears his glory

You may pretend to understand
My wounded soul
My shattered life
The fire in my heart, the stone in my hand

You may have the power to write my history
To sing my song
Eat my food
And claim my falafel recipe

You may even chart my destiny
Fragment my world
Confine my dreams
To the parameters of your tyranny

You may surround my world with your shade of blue
Build walls and castles
Exclusive roads
Meant just for you

But I…will transcend you
My truth is mightier than your power
My humanity is larger than your definition
And my color is brighter than your shade of blue.

I will transcend you!

-Samah Sabawi lives in Ottawa. She contributed this poem to

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