‘We Must Defeat All Conspiracies’: Archbishop Atallah Hanna Condemns French Targeting of Islam, Muslims

Archbishop Atallah Hanna from the Greek Orthodox Church take part in a protest in West Bank. (Photo: Oren Ziv, via Activestills.org)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna condemned the targeting of Muslims in France and around the world through degrading paintings and cartoons. 

Hanna, who is the Archbishop of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, said that “hate speech aims at serving the policy of divide and conquer.”

Hanna’s comments were made during an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV channel in Lebanon earlier this week. In the interview, Hanna condemned what he described as “the insults of our Muslim brothers” in France and elsewhere. 

Hanna also condemned sectarianism, calling for “unity through which we can defeat all the conspiracies that are targeting us.”  

On Monday, Hanna also posted a Facebook update where he wrote: 

“Palestinian Christians are the children of this Holy Land. They are steadfastly holding on to their faith, their historic roots, and their tradition, and they belong to the first Church which message emanated from this Holy Land. They will continue to always convey a message of love, brotherhood, and peace, and reject the culture of hate, sectarianism, and violence. Based on our Christian values (which originate) in the purest form of Christianity …  we condemn and fully reject any attack on all religious symbols of any religion anywhere in the world.

“The attack on our Muslim brothers is something that we reject and condemn in all and in part … all humans belong to one single human family created by God where He does not discriminate between one person or another … Christians and Muslims in the East and in Palestine, in particular, must confront the ugly hate speech by cementing a culture of brotherhood and togetherness and we must work together, more than ever before to defeat all the plans and conspiracies that aim at dividing us and at creating discord in our ranks. As we condemn the targeting of all Christian symbols, we also reject the targeting of any Islamic symbols as well.”

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