‘We Will Not Be Satisfied with This’ – On Timing and Meaning of Hezbollah’s Latest Video

Hezbollah’s media demonstrated some of the claims made by Nasrallah. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Editors

In a video released on Tuesday, Hezbollah’s media demonstrated some of the claims made by Nasrallah in actual numbers and statistics. 

On November 3, the leader of the powerful Lebanese movement Hezbollah highlighted in a speech the role played by his group in sidelining much of Israel’s military and intelligence capabilities. 

Hassan Nasrallah, who had then threatened that “all options are on the table”, said that Hezbollah has already entered the war on its very first day. 

But Hezbollah’s usefulness to the ongoing resistance in Gaza should not only be highlighted in terms of the number of Israeli targets struck by the Lebanese Resistance movement and other resistance groups in south Lebanon.

“The Lebanese front successfully pulled approximately one-third of the Israeli army to the border with Lebanon,” Nasrallah said.

In a video released on Tuesday, Hezbollah’s media demonstrated some of the claims made by Nasrallah in actual numbers and statistics. 

Overlaying Nasrallah’s voice on images and figures, the video stated the following: 

These are the Israeli forces that have been mobilized at the Lebanese front: 

– 30% of the Israeli army – more than 80,000 soldiers and officers. (100,000 soldiers and officers are currently stationed at the Gaza front.) 

– Navy: Seven ships, Super Dvora, Shayetet 13 deployment, and Dolphin submarines. (Compared to 47% navy deployment in Gaza.) 

– 25% of the Israeli air force, with over 100 planes, including intelligence and electronic warfare aircraft.

– 1/2 of the Israeli air defense missile defenses, about the same as the 42% deployed for Gaza.

– 33% of the Israeli logistical resources.

– The displacement of 65,000 settlers, and the evacuation of 43 settlements within 5km of the border. (Compared to the evacuation of 70,000 settlers from 58 settlements near Gaza.)

The final screen on the video read, in Arabic and Hebrew, “And we will not be satisfied with (only) this.”

What Can We Learn from This?

Several points are worth a pause, lead amongst them are: 

One, Hezbollah is part and parcel of the war. Not only it sees itself as such but is capable of demonstrating this in terms of numbers.

Two, Hezbollah did and continues to infiltrate Israeli intelligence, and the specific data provided in the video indicate awareness of every movement taken by the Israeli military, intelligence, and civilian infrastructure in northern Israel – and beyond.

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah: ‘On the Lebanese Front, All Options are on the Table’ – VIDEO

Three, the final statement, “And we will not be satisfied with (only) this” indicates that Hezbollah is not just ready to escalate, but in fact will escalate. 

The latter point has also been demonstrated through the expansion of the scope and parameters of the Hezbollah operations inside Israel. 

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