Assualt and Isolation: Nafha Prison Detainees Endure Harsh Israeli Measures

Jan 9 2017 / 7:58 pm
Prisoners who protest their administrative detention conditions are often suppressed violently. (Photo: Video grab, file)

The ‘Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ group revealed on Sunday that Israeli forces have assaulted Palestinian prisoners at the Nafha prison after they organized a sit-in to protest placing their inmates, Ramzy Oubaid and others under solidarity confinement for an extended period of time.

The group has noted in a press statement published yesterday that the prisoners who have suffered from prolonged isolation are: Mohammed Dahnoun, Thaer Hamad, Tamer Abudahouk, Samer Abudiak, Mansour Abushreem, Omar Hmeel, Khaleel Hamad, Rayan Altamimi, Mohammed Alkhaliq, Abdallah Barham, Nadeem Awad, and Mohammed Rubeen.

The prisoners’ body noted that a number of prisoners were assaulted and were placed under solidarity confinement in Uila, Holi Kadar, and Ramon cells.

The prisoners’ body also added that the administration of the Nafha prison has imposed sanctions on Palestinian prisoners, including placing them under solidarity confinement for 21 days, and barring them from family visits for six months, in addition to imposing 250 US dollars fines on each prisoner.

(SAFA, PC, Social Media)

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