Egyptian TV anchor Hails Soldier who Executed Mentally Ill Palestinian Man near Gaza (VIDEO)

Ahmed Moussa is known for his support of the current President, Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and his regime. (File)

Controversial Egyptian TV anchor, Ahmad Moussa, has paid tribute to the Egyptian army soldier who executed in cold blood a mentally ill Palestinian man near Gaza on Thursday.

“I want to ask each and every one of you one simple question: do you prefer to have your borders violated? To all the traitors attacking the army and questioning its decision to kill the man! Do you want your country’s borders to be violated?!” Moussa said during an episode of his “My responsibility” show on Saturday,

“I salute the hero, who carried out his instructions” he added.

Moussa claimed the man violated Egypt’s sovereignty and said “borders affairs are not the same as social problems… This is border we are dealing with not a post office problem”.

Moussa sent a message to Hamas, saying “I want to tell Hamas the terrorists, do you ever think you can test our limits and not receive a response”.

Moussa is known for his support of the current President, Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and his regime.

The Palestinian interior ministry accused the Egyptian army of cold-bloodedly executing a mentally ill young man on Thursday as he was swimming near the Gaza coastal border.

“The appalling scenes which were televised of a mentally disordered young man being killed by the Egyptian army a few meters away from the Rafah border have reflected the viciousness of the action,” the ministry stated in a press release on Saturday.


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