Hamas Accuses PA of Treason

Hamas has severely criticized the Palestinian Authority for arresting members of the resistance movement, accusing PA of "treason" and close collaboration with Israel.

Over the past days, PA security forces have arrested a number of Hamas members, accusing them of being involved in the death of four Israelis in the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) last week.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum on Wednesday described the arrests as "national treason" and called for the immediate release of the detained Hamas members.

“The continuation of this criminal campaign crosses all red lines and is direct collaboration with the (Israeli) enemy in the light of day,” said Barhum, adding that "it will only increase Hamas’ determination to continue the resistance."

Barhum also accused Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party of protecting the Israelis instead of the Palestinians and warned the PA against handing the men over to Israel.

The PA has failed to specify the number of people arrested but Hamas says hundreds of its members are arrested in the West Bank.

Hamas, the democratically elected ruler of the Gaza Strip, says al-Khalil attack was a "natural response" to Tel Aviv’s atrocities against Palestinians and proves "the failure of security coordination" between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

(Press TV)

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