Irish MPs Call for Making Israel Accountable for Its War Crimes

Irish MP Richard Boyd Barret addressing an audience in Gaza. (Photo: Yousef M. Aljamal, PC, file)

Palestinian and Irish lawmakers have agreed on the need to prosecute Israeli leaders at international courts “for committing war crimes against Palestinian citizens.”

These remarks came during a joint meeting held through Skype service on Tuesday between Friends of Palestine at the Irish Parliament and Palestinian MPs from Gaza.

“The two sides discussed Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians, including its blockade on Gaza, its apartheid policies and its daily violations against the holy sites,” PIC reported.

During the online conversation, MP Mahmoud al-Zahhar, head of Hamas’s Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc, highlighted “the Palestinian people’s right to defend themselves and liberate the land and holy sites.” al-Zahhar affirmed that “defending the rights cannot be terrorism as Israel claims.”

Members of the Irish Parliament expressed their support for the Palestinian people, especially those in Gaza and called “for necessarily healing the rift in the Palestinian arena and restoring unity.”

They emphasized the need to reach international courts through the UN to take legal action against Israel and reiterated their readiness to cooperate in this regard.

(PIC, PC Social Media)

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  1. Bravo, Irish M.P.’s

    What is it in the Irish character that makes them step up to confront crimes against Palestinians when the rest of the Western mainstream media and politicians cower in fear of the backlash from pro-Israeli interests?

    Keep it up brave Ireland.

  2. It’s with deep pride I see the Irish manning the highest ramparts in the battle for Palestinian freedom. I’m reminded of the lines in Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Rouge Bouquet” ….. And Patrick, Brigid, Columkill
    Rejoice that in veins of warriors still
    The Gael’s blood runs.

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