Israel orders Demolition of Nablus Mosque

Israeli authorities ordered the demolition of an under-construction mosque in the northern West Bank village of Burin on Sunday, head of the Palestinian Authority’s settlement portfolio said.

Ghassan Daghlas explained that the Israeli Civil Administration ordered a stop on construction work at the Salman Al-Farisi Mosque, demanding the demolition of the three-story mosque’s already built structures.

The order was issued under the pretext that the mosque’s renovations were done without the proper licensing, Daghlas said.

The PA official believes that given the current circumstances, Israel’s decision was a "dangerous procedure."

Tawfiq Jabarin, a Palestinian lawyer, who has taken over the case, said that the Israeli Construction and Structure department in Beit El had issued the demolition order.

The order gave the Palestinians seven days to dismantle the mosque building, Jabarin said.

The mosque — surrounded by Palestinian homes built since 1967— was being funded by local residents and is the second-largest mosque in the village.

Burin’s mayor, Ali Eid said Israeli authorities claimed the mosque was in area C, thereby falling under Israel’s full purview.

Jabarin said Israeli courts dismiss "verbal agreements," adding that a stop-order must be officially issued by the Civil Administration detailing the demolition’s suspension.

(Press TV)

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