Israeli Soldiers Choke on Their Own Tear Gas

(Photo: Hamde Abu Rahma,

The incident took place in Jalazoun, north of Ramallah in occupied West Bank. Clashes between occupation soldiers and stone-throwing youth of the refugee camp resulted in the wounding of 10 Palestinians. They were mostly hit with live bullets in the legs and the abdomen, and were taken to a local hospital, according to local and media sources. One Israeli soldier was injured with stones, another with suffocation of tear gas.

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  1. I say arm the masses of citizens “Palestinians” with the equal amount of firepower against the foe and allow humans the equal rights to defend themselves… Let there be boxes of care packages be filled with artillery and supplies needed to drop out of the sky to the people with no access to a much needed demand- all is fair in love and war!!!

    I could not project a better image to the people defending their families and friends-
    Give equal rights to arms for all or let the blessings of them all fall from the sky!

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