Jailed Spy’s Fate in Egypt Worries Israel

Following a mass prison break in the Egyptian capital, officials in Tel Aviv have expressed concern over the fate of an Israeli inmate Auda Solomon Trabin, convicted of espionage in Cairo 11 years ago.

On Sunday, thousands of prisoners escaped from the Wadi Natrun facility north of Cairo, amid massive anti-government protests across the country.

On the same day, some 5,000 Egyptian prisoners broke out of a penitentiary in Faiyum Governorate, located about 130 kilometers (81 miles) southwest of Cairo.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials say the fate of 30-year-old Trabin is still unknown, Israeli website Maarive reported on Monday.

Trabin was sentenced to hard labor for 15 years after being convicted of giving sensitive military information to Israel and trying to recruit Egyptians to work with the Israeli intelligence in exchange for counterfeit American dollars.

He served 11 years of his prison term in the central prisons of Port Said, Alexandria and Tura.

In Egypt, the popular uprising against the government of President Hosni Mubarak began last Tuesday. The Egyptian protesters say they want Mubarak to step down.

Meanwhile, senior Israeli officials say Tel Aviv is seeking support from the world powers and some Western countries to help keep Mubarak in power amid a mounting popular uprising against him.

The number of people killed in protests since Tuesday is reported to be at least 100. More than 2,000 were also injured in clashes that have rocked Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria.

(Press TV)

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