UN: Israeli Occupation Impedes Palestinian Development

May 1 2017 / 6:15 pm
Israeli occupation soldiers manning a military checkpoint in the West Bank. (Photo: Tamar Fleishman, PC, file)

The persistent absence of progress to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to significantly impede Palestine’s development, according to a new report issued by the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO). “The parties are overdue to take the necessary steps, on the ground to create an environment conducive to peace, as recommended by the Middle East Quartet,” the report said.

The report will be presented to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) at the bi-annual meeting in Brussels on May 4, 2017. The report notes, “despite a number of international efforts over the past six months to advance the two-state solution, last year has been characterized by a continued lack of progress on the political front. Initiatives to revive the economic and development infrastructure have also stalled.”

“The institutions of Palestinian governance remain vulnerable to political instability and require affirmative steps to protect and advance state-building efforts,” the report added.

More UN reports have been critical of Israel recently over its continuing occupation of the 1967 borders. The United States has repeatedly stressed it will prevent any attempt to criticize Israel in the US, especially after the UNSC vote in December 2016, which condemned Israel’s building of settlements in the West Bank.

(PNN, PC, Social Media)

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