Gaza’s Ark: Trade, Not aid

By Eva Bartlett “An ark is literally a large floating vessel designed to keep its passengers and cargo safe,” say the group preparing ‘Gaza’s Ark’. But their ark, they say, is “a vessel that embodies […]

Proxy War Destroying Syria

By Jamal Kanj Writing about Syria is emotionally draining and intellectually overwhelming. Evident by the level of destruction and killing, the mutual hatred between President Bashar Al Assad’s regime and the armed opposition surpasses their […]

Unfree in Palestine – Book Review

By Ludwig Watzal (Unfree in Palestine. Registration, Documentation and Movement Restriction by Nadia Abu-Zahra and Adah Kay, Pluto Press, London 2013, pp. 232, L 17.99.) The latest visit by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama to […]

The Somaliazation of Syria

By Giorgio Cafiero As Syria’s civil war enters its third year, the country’s humanitarian crisis worsens each day and the Levant grows increasingly vulnerable to the conflict’s spillover. In mid-February, the United Nations reported a […]