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The New New World Order

By Jim Miles “Look for the AIPAC hand whenever the US gets embroiled in a foreign policy debacle. Zionist agents will engender conflict and continue riding the American wagon – as it rode the German […]

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Another ‘Useless’ Arab League Summit

By Ahmad Barqawi Welcome to yet another “useless” Arab League summit, here’s what one should expect: feudalistic political back-stabbing, cheap exploitation (and exacerbation) of ongoing human tragedies, indecipherable hoarse voices reading out poorly translated transcripts […]

My Son Qais

By Rana Abdulla My husband met Umm Qais last year in Jenin. She is a 56 year old Palestinian mother of five sons. Her son, Qais Odwan, was not only extra-judicially executed by Israel, he […]

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Kosher Theft?

By Jamal Kanj At a March 19 UN Security Council discussion, US Ambassador Samantha Powers was quoted as saying, “A thief can steal property, but that does not confer the right of ownership on the […]

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Israeli Diplomats Stage Global Strike

Israeli foreign ministry employees have intensified a long-running dispute over pay and conditions by declaring a full-scale strike at home and at diplomatic missions around the world. “The ministry in Jerusalem will remain closed and […]