Who Won the War on Gaza?

By Samah Sabawi The Palestinian people, who have shown incredible patience, steadfastness and sacrifice in the pursuit of their freedom, won the war on Gaza Robust and complex discussions are being centred on one simple […]

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Flying Out of Our Cages

By Samah Jabr “I used to fly, but you broke my wings and locked me back in my cage.” This was the reproach of a patient who had just recovered from a manic episode during which […]

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Abbas Set to Announce Ceasefire

President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday will declare a long-term ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, Ma’an has learned. Sources told Ma’an that Abbas would declare a long-term ceasefire agreement at […]

All the Masks Have been Removed

By Tamar Fleishman During each and every one of the Fridays on the Ramadan month, the authorities of the Israeli occupation implement rules for the sake of appearances: The appearance of alleviations. The appearance of […]

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Israel Strikes Kill 10 in Gaza

Israel pounded Gaza on Saturday with scores of airstrikes, killing 10 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and bringing down a 12-story apartment building as Egypt called for new truce talks. Since a previous round of […]

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Before Our Eyes – A Poem

By Ramona Wadi membrane mired in melancholy seizing silent slivers of stone escaping the eruption of missiles divesting eyes of light a distorted symphony of deranged dust describing deliberate deconstruction of dwellings succumbing to asymmetry […]

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Can Happen Down Under

By Denis A. Conroy – Ballarat, Australia Where is Australian multiculturalism going? Are we to remain a subaltern people, too remote in every sense from historic definition to be able to infuse our national identity […]