Al-Atyra: Israeli Violations against Environment Could Amount to War Crimes

Much of the waste generated by illegal Jewish settlers is dumped on Palestinian land. (Photo: via MEMO)

The head of the Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority, Adalah Al-Atyra, said on Tuesday that the ongoing Israeli violations against the environment could amount to war crimes, according to Palestine News Network.

The organization is working on a comprehensive report focused on the environment in the Palestinian territories under the auspices of the United Nations and under the supervision of international experts.

Al-Atyra said:

Israel is establishing projects in Jerusalem, monitoring hundreds of millions of shekels, seizing citizens’ land and preventing them from exploiting their land and expelling them, especially bedouin communities close to their projects”.

As noted by Ramzy Baroud and Romana Rubeo:

“It is a myth that only Zionist Israel ‘made the desert bloom.’ On the contrary, since its establishment on the ruins of more than five hundred Palestinian villages and cities that it has destroyed and wiped off the map, Israel has done the exact opposite. The land inhabited by Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Jews for thousands of years has been disfigured beyond belief by Israel in the matter of a few decades.”

In the West Bank, Israel’s discriminatory policies regarding its uses and abuses of water are known as “water apartheid”. Reckless Israeli water consumption and erratic use of dams have a vast and possibly irreversible environmental impact, fundamentally altering the aquatic ecosystem.

Moreover, Israeli authorities control Palestinians springs, turning them into tourist areas; they plunder the resources of the Dead Sea and the Gaza Sea, denying Palestinians the right to exploit natural gas fields in the area.

(The Palestine Chronicle, PNN, Social Media)

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