An Unforgiving, Disrupted Poem for Ursula Von der Leyen

A poem for Ursula Von der Leyen. (Image: PC)

By Hassen Lorgat

They made the “desert bloom”

Says, the president of doom

watered by spilled blood

and the sweat of those who ran to safety

The homes and bodies of the title deed holders

 mere compost

For those who today hold high office in the guilty lands

Now compose racist tropes

Against the victims of their victims

After the greatest tragedy at the hands of European white supremacists

Almost white Jewish supremacists keepers of Western civilization

make the tragedy for Palestinians

Their bonds and ties to Europe, from Balfour and more

Continue to strangle Palestinians

The final battles of the European war, the history books say

ended with the overall surrender of Nazi German to the Allies

And they promised to end all hate, racism and totalitarianism

That was 8 May, 1945

The catastrophe,  Al Nakba is

We remember every year as Palestine was ethnically cleansed

800 000 people  and counting

It was on or about 15 May 1948

Totalitarianism has come out of hiding

Jewish supremacy lives

Al Nakba continues

This is not history

It is live news

But Ursula is not tuned in

– Hassen Lorgat has worked in trade union movement, civic associations, and anti apartheid sports movement led by the South African Council on Sports (SACOS) as well as NGOs for the past while. He is active with the SA BDS Coalition. He is currently the manager of Policy and Advocacy for the Bench Marks Foundation.

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