Basem Tamimi: Ahed May Be Released on Sunday

Ahed Tamimi during her first appearance at an Israeli court. (Photo: Oren Ziv,

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi could be released on Sunday, her father told the Anadolu Agency.

Basem Tamimi said Ahed’s release is scheduled for August 19, but he expects her to be allowed out of Israeli jail this weekend.

He explained:

“The Israeli authorities usually do not inform the detainee or his family of the date of his release, but I think she will get a decision” to reduce her detention by 21 days.

There was no information from the Israeli prison authorities on Ahed’s release.

Ahed was given eight-month jail terms following a pleas bargain after video footage of her slapping an Israeli occupation soldier and forcing him off her family’s property went viral on social media.

She has been held in Israeli detention since her capture in December last year.

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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that I hope Ahed Tamimi is released on Sunday.That will be good news for all her supporters around the world.She shouldn’t have been in prison to begin with.It is Israel that is the aggressor and occupier of Palestine.It is people in Palestine like Ahed Tamimi that will free Palestine from the barbaric Israeli occupation.All of Palestine is been occupied by the Apartheid Israeli Gov’t and that got to end before there can be peace.

  2. Thanks to TPC for this welcome news about Miss Ahed Tamimi which, I trust, we will be following closely. Although the Jews and their tools sneer at young Ahed’s position as an “icon” for Palestinians and your many friends worldwide, we who pursue justice may be able to make the murderers choke on their own arrogance. Should we resolve, for example, A) to establish “JOE” or “Justice On Earth” and B) Then to send our leader and some of her [or] trusted company RT to Luna? After we first harmonize both our racial and our planetary relations, then we will at last begin to fulfill our manifest destiny eternally to explore and to colonize infinite space. IMHO Ahed has a provisional ticket to ride

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