Bled to Death – Israel Kills Al-Jazeera Journalist Samer Abu Daqqa in Gaza

Samer Abu Daqqa was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israeli forces refused to allow the evacuation of the badly wounded Palestinian journalist, leading, six hours later, to his death. 

Samer Abu Daqqa, a Palestinian journalist and a cameraman for Al-Jazeera channel in Gaza, was killed on Friday in an Israeli military strike in Khan Yunis, while covering the war in Gaza.

Abu Daqqa was targeted, along with Wael al-Dahdouh, a Palestinian journalist who lost most of his family in a recent Israeli airstrike, which targeted their home in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

Other journalists and civil defense workers were also hit when an Israeli missile struck them at the vicinity of the Farhana Girls School in Khan Yunis.

While al-Dahdouh managed to reach the hospital despite his injuries, Abu Daqqa was critically would and could not be evacuated. 

As al-Dahdouh was being treated at the Nasser Hospital, he kept screaming “Samer, Samer”, a reference to his colleague Samer Abu Daqqa, whose body remained inside the school.

Bleeding to Death 

Israeli forces refused to allow the evacuation of the badly wounded Palestinian journalist, leading, six hours later, to his death. 

Video images published by Al-Jazeera soon after the news show Abu Daqqa’s mother and other family members crowding around his body, frantically screaming his name, as he was lying on the ground after bleeding to death. 

A Palestinian medic, with a bloody medical uniform, stood in the midst of the crowd making the call for prayer while many of Abu Daqqa’s colleagues sobbed over his lifeless body. 

Three other civil defense workers were reportedly killed in the Israeli strike. 

War on the Media

As of yesterday, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate said that 89 Palestinian journalists were killed while covering the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

The Palestine Chronicle condoles the Palestinian people and the media community in Gaza for the loss of another precious life.

“Another martyr of the truth has been assassinated by Israel in Gaza,” managing editor of The Palestine Chronicle Romana Rubeo said.

“Israel is doing everything in its power to mute the voice of truth, as it continues to systematically obliterate the Palestinian people in the besieged Strip,” she added.

“But we will never allow this to happen. And we will continue to convey the truth about this monstrous war to the rest of the world. The message of Samer Abu Daqqa, Refaat Alareer and Yousef Dawas will continue to echo and spread across the world, no matter what Israel does to isolate and besiege Palestine and her people”.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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