CBS News Report: How Israel Became a Refuge for Jewish American Pedophiles (VIDEO)

A handout photo of Jewish American pedophile Julius Jimmy Karow. (Photo: via INTERPOL)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israel is becoming a refuge for many infamous pedophiles escaping justice in the United States, according to a recent investigation by the American news network CBS.

The CBS News investigation has tried to follow the trail of some of those pedophiles, based on information provided by the American organization Jewish Community Watch (JCW).

JCW founder, Meyer Seewald, told CBS News in a report aired on February 19, that the exact same phenomenon underway in the Catholic Church “is happening in our community… The cover-ups are the same, the stigma, the shame.”

The CBS News investigation found that “many accused American pedophiles flee to Israel, and (that) bringing them to justice can be difficult.” 

JCW has been particularly active in trying to bring some of the estimated 60 dangerous pedophiles, who have already escaped to Israel, to justice.

One such person is Jimmy Julius Karow, who according to the report is “considered dangerous”, as he was accused of “sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in Oregon in 2000.” 

Karow “fled to Israel before authorities in the U.S. could apprehend him or figure out where he went.”

“Karow has been running from US law enforcement ever since. Currently, INTERPOL, an inter-governmental policing organization that works with 194 countries, has a Red Notice to alert police worldwide that he’s a fugitive.” 

JCW says “Karow and other wanted men and women have been able to exploit a right known as the Law of Return, whereby any Jewish person can move to Israel and automatically gain citizenship.”

In a statement issued by JCW in 2019, the Jewish American organization said that Karow, who was indicted on numerous charges, is living “ freely in Israel .. moving frequently around the country”.

Jimmy Julius (Yosef Chaim) Karow, 48 was indicted on numerous charges this Wednesday after JCW investigators tracked the…

Posted by Jewish Community Watch on Friday, August 23, 2019

Although JCW has identified more than 60 Jewish American pedophiles who have escaped to Israel, the organization says that the actual number is likely much higher. The reason that JCW’s database of pedophiles remains limited is due to the organization’s lack of resources to undergo such a massive operation.

Despite social stigmas, several victims have openly denounced their abusers, as was the case of Mendy Hauck, who, at the age of 8, was “molested by a teacher at his Orthodox Jewish School in Los Angeles.”

According to Hauck, his horrific experience began when a friend brought in cookies for his birthday. 

“I actually went ahead and reached for the biggest cookie and (my teacher) said, ‘Put it back and you could come back by recess and get your cookie,'” Hauck said. “So after he handed out the rest of the cookies to the other classmates, I had to stay behind if I wanted my cookie, and I did. He called me up to his desk… and that’s when he started… rubbing me.”

His teacher, Mordechai Yomtov, was arrested and charged in the US in 2001 for other crimes and was released on probation. 

“But once free, he violated his probation by fleeing to Israel via Mexico,” CBS News reported.

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  1. Hitler in his book Mein Kamf stated that this exact thing would happen is a state was created for the jews. Not only this but they commit murder and chop their victim’s body into pieces(see here: and flee to the occupied territories. The father fled after he assisted his son and is still on the run. The killer described here was killed in prison because he was a psychopath and someone thought him better dead.
    The chosenites are a plague.

  2. well, it comes as no surprise that a totally and morally disgusting human being would seek refuge in a morally decrepit occupation. why not? after all isn’t the occupation morally disgusting? like birds of a feather…

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